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In order to have a website on the internet two things are required – a domain name and web hosting.
A domain name is your name on the internet. When you register your domain name you are protecting your business or ideas by ensuring no one else can register them.

The most common types of domain name endings (known as top level domains) found in Ireland are .com or .ie. Choosing a .ie domain ensures your visitors that you have an authentic connection with Ireland – the .ie registration process requires you to prove that you have a genuine business in Ireland. Domain registration is usually paid annually and the purchase of a domain name is often packaged with a hosting plan from a web hosting provider.


Web hosting is the storing of website files on special types of computers called web servers.
There are 3 main types of Web Hosting available. Shared, VPS and dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting can be thought of as like living in an apartment block. All necessary web tools to get your website up and running are usually provided and it is usually easier to setup and configure than VPS Hosting.
The trade off is that the facilities of this type of hosting are shared. Consequences of this might include slow loading speeds on your visitors end as many websites are being accessed from the same set of servers that have limited storage space

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

VPS hosting is like owning a semi-detached house. You get to control many of the design elements within your home and have much greater flexibility than you would in an apartment. Website traffic is managed easier and you will run into much less issue’s if your site demands more functionality and flexibility on the web.

Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated hosting is like having a completely detached house. You can now control all aspects of your websites needs. If you need to upgrade your resources to allow your web site to perform better on the internet you can so long as it is within your business budget.


A stand alone website is not enough to survive in the current digital realm.
At the core of today’s top performing websites is excellent user experience, smart social media marketingresponsive web design, fast loading and search engine optimization.
In addition to responsive web design I provide all of the above services to get your website off the ground. I offer a free 60 minute consultation where we can meet and discuss your website project. From there I will suggest the next steps involved to get your website launched 🙂