Content Management


A Content Management System is a platform that allows you to take control of your own website content.

The most common Content Management System is WordPress. WordPress is a world-class application that some of the largest companies in the world use to build their websites. These include Microsoft, MTV, Sony, CNN, BBC and PlayStation to name a few. According to its offical website, WordPress powers a massive 28% of the internet.

The word ‘content’ in Content Management System refers to the text, images, videos , news articles etc that can be updated, edited and deleted on the platform.


Saves Time & Money

The application is absolutely free. This saves you time and money when asking a web designer to build your site on WordPress for you. Time constraints associated with the set of a website can be avoided when building with WordPress.

User Friendly

Once your website has been built it is easy to edit your content. This is done via the WordPress admin panel which is a back-end interface which allows the user to modify and configure many settings and parameters.

It's Opensource

Opensource means that the large WordPress community can modify the capabilities of WordPress by creating plugins and added functionality to the original application code. This means it is always at the cutting edge of technology and has long term viability.


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